Dreams Marble Sculpture


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Dreams is an abstract marble sculpture by Wasi Decor Guest Artist Roberto Crespo. This unique form was derived from the natural stone guiding the artist to define the shape, making it harmonious with nature in its final state.


Carved from Carrara Marble quarried in the Lunigiana, the northernmost tip of Tuscany, this sculpture is one of a kind.


Pedestal sold separately.


About the Work

  • Year: 2015
  • Size (H x W x D): approx 35" x 15" x 12" 
  • Weight: approx 30 lbs
  • Limited Edition piece
  • Letter of Authenticity


  • Carrara Marble 
  • Delicate piece; handle and transport carefully
  • Shipping within the continental US in 5-7 days
  • Contact our team for International Shipping

Roberto Perez Crespo is a Cuban-born sculptor that extracts shapes from pure and classic marble. At an early age Roberto joined the Young Artistic Sculpture Club where he discovered his true passion. After graduating from technical academy, he started carving in wood with self-made tools and by 1991 he founded his own workshop and joined the Cuban Association of Artisans & Artists. In 2001, living in Portugal, he started carving in stone for renowned artists Bruce Beasley and Jorge Haugen Sorensen. Its at this stage experimentation began with monumental-sized sculptures.


In 2003 he moved to Miami with his family and has since built strong ties with the local arts scene exhibiting in galleries across South Florida. His contribution to the community includes his sculpture Reencuentros, part of the Garden of the Arts Park, Once Upon a Time, John F. Kennedy Public Library, and Sacrifice in Hialeah City Hall. Roberto continues pouring his imagination and talent into new projects focused on abstract concepts.


This is a collectable work of art. To further inquire about Roberto's pieces, please contact us.