Responsible Retail

We value our people, artists, suppliers, and the local communities of which they are a part. Responsible Retail means doing our part to help drive sustainability throughout our operations. Below are the initiatives we’re proud to support.

Reducing our Footprint

We are committed to being stewards of our planet. To that end, we offer shared studio space and have introduced LED lighting in our own studio. We also encourage our artists to use natural and recyclable packaging options. To further reduce our carbon footprint, our products are shipped directly from artist to buyer.

Sourcing Responsibly

At Wasi Decor, we strive to responsibly source our materials. That means we partner with our entire supply chain to ensure that the artists and the skilled craftspeople who assist them are safe and treated fairly. We choose shipping companies that invest in technologies to reduce carbon dioxide.

Preserving Cultural Heritage

At Wasi Decor, we shine a spotlight on emerging artists and support them as they grow their businesses. Your purchase from one of our featured artists makes it possible to give voice to new ideas and to share the artist’s own culture and traditions with a wider audience.

Supporting Artist Communities

We work collaboratively with artists to ensure that social and economical value is retained with their communities. When you purchase from our site, you are investing not only in unique and luxurious pieces for your home but in the artists themselves.