Proud to Feature Standout Artists

At Wasi Decor, community matters. We understand that many artists cannot easily reach a wide audience, so we focus on providing a voice and platform for standout talent—artists who meet our highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. When selecting the exemplary artists, our team draws on years of curating accessories for private clients.

Britto Charette | Wasi Porcelains

Britto Charette is an award-winning Interior Design firm founded by Jay Britto and David Charette. Their team has an impressive 50 years of combined industrial, residential, interior, and corporate design experience. Headquartered in Wynwood, Miami’s most vibrant neighborhood, it’s where the designers make their magic happen: bespoke creations for people who truly value great design.

The Wasi Porcelain collection is one of their impressive creations. Captivated by an exhibit of Peruvian art at the MET, they took their inspiration for Wasi (the Quechua word for “home”) from the tools and artifacts of the ancient Inca. Together they created this exquisite collection of heirloom-quality decorative objects that are designed in their studio and handcrafted in Peru.

Great design is like great art; it should be accessible to all of us. Where do we find inspiration? Everywhere. Emerging technologies, fashion, architecture, and art all inform our designs. And we travel the world searching for new products and ideas that benefit our clients. We have a global clientele, but a “local” philosophy, so we are committed to enhancing our own neighborhood by supporting important social and environmental causes.”

Jay Britto | Photography

Curvilinear is the latest collection of multi-talented photographer, artist and designer Jay Britto. His limited edition high gloss prints explore architectural details from around the world, all personally captured throughout Jay's travels. Born and raised in Peru, he was surrounded by rich colors and a vibrant culture that continue to inspire him. As a teenager he moved to New York and became interested in interior design and architecture, as well as the beautiful buildings of the city.

Jay was inspired to learn photography and has been mastering the art of the details, discovering the unusual angles and curves that identify the character and soul of his architectural subjects. He has received numerous awards, including the Design Center of the Americas Stars On the Rise award and Interior Design magazine’s coveted Best of Year award, and his innovative work is showcased in many national and international design periodicals. Jay prides himself on being flexible, creative, and collegial—all necessary ingredients for producing outstanding work.

The Interior Design firm Britto Charette was founded by Jay and his business partner David Charette in 2010. It has an impressive 50 years of combined industrial, residential, interior, and corporate design experience. Headquartered in Wynwood, Miami’s most vibrant neighborhood, it’s where Jay's creativity comes to life.

Amadeo Gonzales | Illustrations

Born in Lima, Peru, illustrator, designer, and self- taught musician Amadeo Gonzales has been creating art and music for most of his life. Gonzales’ works in freehand illustration, vector, ink, watercolor, acrylic, and silkscreen have been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions in Miami, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, and Costa Rica. He has also been a guest speaker at international events such as FILBA (International Book Fair in Bogota 2014), “Trimarchi” in Mar del Plata, and the FID 2015 International Design Festival in Costa Rica.

Editor of the cartoon magazine "Carboncito" since 2001, Gonzales leads the publication’s work as the main voice in Latin American contemporary comics. He has edited other fanzines--Intestinal Transit and Summer Dog.

In 2011 Gonzales recorded his first album, “Mostros, Martians and Rock’n’roll” and the EP “Street Dog” in 2014. And in 2015 he recorded an album in concert.

When Gonzales isn’t drawing, editing, or making music, he leads creative drawing workshops for children and adults at a variety of cultural centers, universities, and design conferences.

Christian Escajadillo | Cerámica

Christian Escajadillo is a Peruvian ceramics artist and designer that creates collectable pieces to generate reactions to break the everyday. His focus is on building bridges between contemporary aesthetics and pre-Columbian images of Peru, from an organic and geometric expression. His passion for design led him to create works that explore his roots and reflect his fascination with the pre-Hispanic world of South America.

Each one of his pieces is meticulously hand-modeled with the aim of achieving tension, movement and balance. His material is stoneware, mixed with inclusions and pigments, burned at a high temperature of 1250° C with an oxidizing atmosphere. The clay becoming stone again through the ceramic.

Christian’s work has been presented in Montreal, Brussels, Boston, Frankfurt and Lima.

Crixo Aponte | Biomorphic Sculptures

Crixo Aponte is a Venezuelan sculpture and architect born in Caracas where at an early age studied drawing, painting, photography and color. After achieving his degree in architecture, Crixo ventured to France, Italy and Spain where he practiced while dedicating himself to studying and experimenting with different forms of sculpting. Upon his return to Venezuela, he knew that it was his true passion.

“My desire is to create urban spaces with monumental pieces. I want to provide these spaces with a work that can serve as an urban icon, a point of reference and a meeting place in order to interactively integrate sculptures with the context of the urban plot.

I create unique pieces and experiences for public, private and corporate spaces, be it a sculpture on a monumental scale or a piece for a small and intimate space. My work is about creating places, capturing the imagination and fostering a moment of creative contemplation between the viewer, the environment and the sculpture.”

Reaching Beyond the Art

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Preserving Cultural Heritage

  We shine a spotlight on emerging artists and support them as they grow. Your support from one of our featured artists makes it possible to give voice to new ideas and to share the artist's own culture and traditions with a wider audience.

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Supporting Artist Communities

We work collaboratively with artists to ensure that social and economical value is retained with their communities. When you purchase from our site, you are investing not only in unique and luxurious pieces for your home but in the artists themselves.

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Fostering Creativity

 We provide a platform for artists of diverse viewpoints, ethnicities, ages, gender and cultural experiences because we believe that fostering inclusivity leads to creativity and innovation.