Amadeo Gonzales

Born in Lima, Peru, illustrator, designer, and self- taught musician Amadeo Gonzales has been creating art and music for most of his life. Gonzales’ works in freehand illustration, vector, ink, watercolor, acrylic, and silkscreen have been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions in Miami, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, and Costa Rica. He has also been a guest speaker at international events such as FILBA (International Book Fair in Bogota 2014), “Trimarchi” in Mar del Plata, and the FID 2015 International Design Festival in Costa Rica.

Amadeo Gonzales BioEditor of the cartoon magazine "Carboncito" since 2001, Gonzales leads the publication’s work as the main voice in Latin American contemporary comics. He has edited other fanzines--Intestinal Transit and Summer Dog.


In 2011 Gonzales recorded his first album, “Mostros, Martians and Rock’n’roll” and the EP “Street Dog” in 2014. And in 2015 he recorded an album in concert.


When Gonzales isn’t drawing, editing, or making music, he leads creative drawing workshops for children and adults at a variety of cultural centers, universities, and design conferences.